Character InfoEdit

Universe Sonic The Hedgehog
Availability Starter
Number Of Jumps 2
Wall Jump No
Wall Cling No
Crawl No
Tether No
Home Stage
Kirby Hat Sonic's spines

Moves And AbilitiesEdit

Move Description Damage %
Ability None
Neutral Sonic punches twice and then kicks forward.
Side Tilt Sonic stands on his hands and kicks forward.
Down Tilt Sonic headbutts in front of him.
Up Tilt Sonic swings his foot up, kicking up opponents.
Dash Sonic is surrounded by the Fire Shield.  He is covered in fire and shoots forward.
Aerial Sonic uses the Sonic Ballet.  He curls up into a ball mid-air and spins.
Forward Aerial Sonic uses the Windmill.  He spin kicks forward in the air.
Back Aerial Sonic swings his foot back behind him.
Up Aerial Sonic moves up in the air slightly covered by the Thunder Shield, which shoots off small sparks.
Down Aerial Sonic uses the Sonic Rocket.  He kicks downward, but does not fly down like in previous Smash games.
Side Smash Sonic performs his slide kick from Sonic Advance 3.  He slides forward slighly while shooting off sparks.
Down Smash Sonic is covered in the Bubble Shield.  He bounces up and slams back down on the ground.
Up Smash Sonic spins dashes above him and lands back down.
Ledge Attack Sonic climbs up and does a slide attack.
Grab Sonic grabs with both hands.
Pummel Sonic headbutts his grabbed foe.
Forward Throw Sonic does a spin dash while still holding the opponent and then lets go, launching them forward.
Back Throw Sonic leapfrogs over his opponent while bouncing them across the ground behind him.
Down Throw Sonic throws his opponent down and Drop Dashes them.
Up Throw Sonic throws his opponent up and kicks them.
Special Homing Attack- Sonic holds a spin dash in the air and then shoots toward the nearest player.
Side Special Lightspeed Dash- Sonic charges up a Lightspeed Dash.  He holds a spin dash and then dashes forward in a blue blur.  It can be charged for more distance.
Down Special Spin Dash- While on the ground, Sonic can curl up in a ball and shoot forward.  The move can be charged up for more distance and power.  While in the air, Sonic uses the Drop Dash.  He curls up and shoots down, spin dashing upon landing.
Up Special Blue Tornado- Sonic runs in circles up into the air, leaving a blue tornado spinning below him which will push around players and items.
Final Smash Super Sonic- Sonic turns into Super Sonic.  He slows down all of the other players and spin dashes all over the screen.

Other InformationEdit

Idle Sonic's idle from Sonic Battle
Up Taunt Sonic runs in place and says "You're too slow!"
Side Taunt Sonic runs in place and says "Gotta go fast!"
Down Taunt Sonic breakdances and says "Come on! Step it up!"
Victory Pose Sonic spin dashes into view and says "Hey we should do this again sometime!" before holding up a Chaos Emerald.
Victory Theme The victory theme from Sonic Heroes.

Pallete SwapsEdit

  1. Sonic The Hedgehog (BLUE TEAM)
  2. Orange with Tails' shoes
  3. Red with Knuckles's shoes (RED TEAM)
  4. Green with Jet's goggles/shoes (GREEN TEAM)
  5. Black with Shadow's shoes (BLACK TEAM)
  6. Pink with Amy's shoes
  7. Purple with Big's shoes, gloves, and belt.
  8. Tan with Cream's shoes and bow.
  9. White with Rouge's gloves and boots (UNLOCKABLE)
  10. Gray with Silver's boots and gloves.

Support ConversationEdit

  • Male Corrin
  • Female Corrin

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