Character InfoEdit

Universe Pokemon
Availability Starter
Number Of Jumps 2
Wall Jump No
Wall Cling No
Crawl Yes
Tether No
Home Stage
Kirby Hat Pikachu ears and cheeks

Moves And AbilitiesEdit

Move Description Damage %
Ability None
Neutral Pikachu slaps twice and then headbutts forward.
Side Tilt Pikachu slaps forward with an Iron Tail.
Down Tilt Pikachu claps his ears together in front of him.
Up Tilt Pikachu swings and Iron Tail above him.
Dash Pikachu jumps forward into a headbutt.
Aerial Pikachu swings an Iron Tail around him.
Forward Aerial Pikachu headbutts forward with electricity around him.
Back Aerial PIkachu powerfully swings behind him with Iron Tail.
Up Aerial Pikachu puts his tail in the air above him and creates little sparks on it.
Down Aerial Pikachu headbutts downward with electricity around him.
Side Smash Pikachu shoots some sparks in front of him.
Down Smash Pikachu smashes the ground with Iron Tail.
Up Smash Pikachu jumps up slightly, swings and Iron Tail up, and then lands.
Ledge Attack Pikachu flips up and smashes down with Iron Tail.
Grab Pikachu grabs with both paws.
Pummel Pikachu headbutts his grabbed foe.
Forward Throw Pikachu uses Iron Tail to fling his opponent.
Back Throw Pikachu shoots some sparks to knock his opponent back.
Down Throw Pikachu uses Thunder Punch on his opponent, knocking them into the ground.
Up Throw Pikachu throws his opponent up into the air.
Special Thundershock- Pikachu shoots a little wave of electricity that travels along a surface.
Side Special Electro Ball- Pikachu charges up a ball of electricity on his tail.  When the move is unleashed, Pikachu flings it forward with his tail.  The ball briefly stuns upon impact.
Down Special Thunder- Pikachu creates a cloud a distance above him.  It shoots down a blast of electricity that hits Pikachu and other players on the way down.
Up Special Discharge- Pikachu shoots up, leaving a small electric ring around where he started off.  Will fall slightly while being charged up, but charging will result in a ring with longer reach and more height.
Final Smash Catastropika- Pikachu does a short dance before jumping into the sky.  Pikachu turns into a spinning electric ball which damages foes who touch it.  Pikachu then shoots down a giant blast of lightning covering a large portion of most stages.

Other InformationEdit

Idle Pikachu's idle from Smash 4
Up Taunt Pikachu waves with both paws and says "Pika Pika!"
Side Taunt Pikachu rolls on his back and laughs.
Down Taunt Pikachu spins on his back and says "Pikaaaaa"
Victory Pose Pikachu runs into view and stands up, looking into the camera.
Victory Theme A short version of the Pokemon main theme.

Pallete SwapsEdit

  1. Pikachu
  2. Libre
  3. Rock Star (RED TEAM)
  4. Doctor (GREEN TEAM)
  5. Dress (BLUE TEAM)
  6. Pop Star
  7. Ash Hat
  8. Shadow Pikachu (BLACK TEAM)
  9. Detective Pikachu (UNLOCKABLE)
  10. Shiny Pikachu (AMIIBO)

Support ConversationEdit

  • Male Corrin
  • Female Corrin

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