Character InfoEdit

Universe Pokemon
Availability Starter
Number Of Jumps 2
Wall Jump No
Wall Cling No
Crawl No
Tether Yes- Grab
Home Stage
Kirby Hat Mimikyu's rag costume

Moves And AbilitiesEdit

Move Description Damage %
Ability None
Neutral Mimikyu slaps with a hand under his rag.  He slaps twice and then jabs.
Side Tilt Mimikyu swings it's head forward.
Down Tilt Mimikyu swings it's claw forward.
Up Tilt Mimikyu swings it's head above it.
Dash Mimikyu spins while sliding across the ground.
Aerial Mimikyu spins with it's claws out in the air.
Forward Aerial Mimikyu swipes it's claw forward.
Back Aerial Mimikyu shakes it's tail behind it.
Up Aerial Mimikyu swipes above it with both claws.
Down Aerial Mimikyu jabs it's tail below him.
Side Smash Mimikyu explodes a small Shadow Ball.
Down Smash Mimikyu shoots a Dazzling Gleam wave around him.
Up Smash Mimikyu uses Shadow Claw to swipe above him.
Ledge Attack Mimikyu climbs up and swings his tail.
Grab Mimikyu grabs with a claw under his rag.
Pummel Mimikyu headbutts his grabbed foe.
Forward Throw Mimikyu headbutts his foe forward.
Back Throw Mimikyu spins around and throws his foe behind him.
Down Throw Mimikyu slams his opponent down on the ground.
Up Throw Mimikyu throws his opponent up a bit, and then headbutts him further up.
Special Infestation- A swarm of small bugs flies out from under Mimikyu's rag.  They fly forward into foes but dissapear upon impact.
Side Special Will O Wisp- Mimikyu shoots three little fireballs forward, which do damage and leave a short burn effect.
Down Special Dark Pulse- Mimikyu shoots out a ring of darkness around him.  Can be charged up for a longer reach.
Up Special Double Team- Mimikyu creates a double which throws him in the air before dissapearing in a cloud of smoke.  Does not do damage.
Final Smash Never-Ending Nightmare-Mimikyu traps an opponent in a bunch of shadow arms.  After the arms cover the opponent, they create an explosion inside, launching the opponent.

Other InformationEdit

Idle Mimikyu's idle from Sun and Moon
Up Taunt Mimikyu shakes his head back and forth.
Side Taunt Mimikyu waves with his claw hand.
Down Taunt Mimikyu's head falls down behind him, and he lifts it back up.
Victory Pose Mimikyu runs around in a circle twice before running into the camera and falling on his back.
Victory Theme A short version of Mimikyu's rap

Pallete SwapsEdit

  1. Mimikyu
  2. Charmander Rag (RED)
  3. Squirtle Rag (BLUE)
  4. Bulbasaur Rag (GREEN)
  5. Meowth Rag
  6. Eevee Rag
  7. Mewtwo Rag
  8. Zoroark Rag
  9. Deoxys Rag (UNLOCKABLE)
  10. Lucario Rag (AMIIBO)

Support ConversationEdit

  • Male Corrin
  • Female Corrin

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