Character InfoEdit

Universe The Legend Of Zelda


Number Of Jumps 2
Wall Jump No
Wall Cling No
Crawl No
Tether Yes- Grab
Home Stage
Kirby Hat Link's hat

Moves And AbilitiesEdit

Move Description Damage %
Ability Link's shield can stop attacks from damaging him if they hit the shield.
Neutral Link slashes twice with his sword and then jabs.
Side Tilt Link swings his shield in front of him.
Down Tilt Link jabs his sword in front of him.
Up Tilt Link thrusts his shield up into the air.
Dash Link jumps forward and strikes the ground with his sword.
Aerial Link swings his sword around him.
Forward Aerial Link slashes his sword forward.
Back Aerial Link slashes his sword behind him.
Up Aerial Link swings his shield above him.
Down Aerial Link crouches mid-air holding his shield under him.  He will fall much faster.
Side Smash Link shoots and arrow on the ground in front of him and swings his bow up in front of him.
Down Smash Link jabs the ground in front of him and behind him.
Up Smash Link punches the air with his shield.
Ledge Attack Link climbs up and slams his shield on the stage.
Grab Link uses the clawshot to grab foes from a distance.
Pummel Link hits his foe with the handle of his shield.
Forward Throw Link shoots the clawshot back out and lets go of the player.
Back Throw Link shoots the clawshot back behind him and lets go of the player.
Down Throw Link shoots the clawshot into the ground and swings his sword on top of them.
Up Throw Link shoots the clawshot into the air and lets go.
Special Hero's Bow- Link shoots an arrow forward.  It can be charged up for more range and power.  If used while in the air, Link will freeze mid-air and can freely aim the arrow in any direction.  He will fall again after the arrow is shot.
Side Special Gale Boomerang- Link throws a Gale Boomerang.  The boomerang does damage on the throw, but becomes a tornado on the way back that pushes other players closer to Link.
Down Special Ball And Chain- Link pulls out a ball and chain and throws it forward.  The move can be aimed.  It is powerful but slow.
Up Special Spinner- Link jumps onto a spinner and spins up into the air while pointing his sword forward to hit foes along the way.
Final Smash Wolf Link- Link becomes Wolf Link.  He bites the closest player to trap them and then claws them repeatedly before biting them again to launch them.

Other InformationEdit

Idle Link's idle from Smash 4.
Up Taunt Link does a pose with his sword and shield.
Side Taunt Link swings his sword twice and puts it on his back before pulling it back out.
Down Taunt A bubble with Toon Link holding pom-poms appears.
Victory Pose Link thrusts his sword into the air.
Victory Theme Short version of the Zelda theme.

Pallete SwapsEdit

  1.  Green Tunic (GREEN TEAM)
  2. Goron Tunic (RED TEAM)
  3. Zora Tunic (BLUE TEAM)
  4. Dark Link (BLACK TEAM)
  5. Early Twilight Princess outfit
  6. Early Skyward Sword outfit
  7. Breath Of The Wild outfit
  8. Fierce Diety 
  9. Zora suit (UNLOCKABLE)
  10. Cheerleader outfit (AMIIBO)

Support ConversationEdit

  • Male Corrin
  • Female Corrin

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