Hero's Shade

Character InfoEdit

Universe The Legend Of Zelda
Availability Unlockable- Story Mode or clear classic mode with Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf.
Number Of Jumps 2
Wall Jump No
Wall Cling No
Crawl No
Tether Yes- Grab
Home Stage
Kirby Hat Hero's helmet

Moves And AbilitiesEdit

Move Description Damage %
Ability Hero's Shade's  shield can stop attacks from damaging him if they hit the shield.
Neutral Hero's Shade uses his sword to perform a three-hit attack with the second hit being cancelled into a series of rapid sword jabs by pressing the A button repeatedly.
Side Tilt Hero's Shade briefly holds his sword over his head and swings it downwards.
Down Tilt Hero's Shade swipes his sword at the opponent's feet. 
Up Tilt Hero's Shade slashes upward, covering a large arc over his body.
Dash Hero's Shade dashes forward and strikes with a downward swing of his sword.
Aerial Hero's Shade performs a jump kick attack in midair.
Forward Aerial Hero's Shade  performs two spinning sword attacks in midair.
Back Aerial Hero's Shade performs a reverse double-kick attack.
Up Aerial Hero's Shade thrusts his sword overhead to attack opponents above him.
Down Aerial Hero's Shade drops downward while holding his sword like a pogo stick. An attack that deals decent damage and causes Hero's Shade to bounce after hitting a foe, making it possible to hit the same foe twice.
Side Smash Hero's Shade performs a downward swing with his sword while taking a step forward. If the A button is immediately pressed after the first swing, Hero's Shade will follow-up with a more powerful horizontal slash. 
Down Smash Hero's Shade performs two downward strikes on each side with his sword.
Up Smash Hero's Shade  slashes upwards with his sword three consecutive times. The last hit of this attack sends opponents upward.
Ledge Attack Hero's Shade performs a slash on both sides whilst getting up.
Grab Hero's Shade grabs enemies from afar by using his Hookshot.  Not as much distance as Link's Clawshot.
Pummel Hero's Shade attacks the enemy by using the hilt of his sword.
Forward Throw Hero's Shade launches the opponent away with a front kick attack.
Back Throw Hero's Shade takes the opponent behind him and kicks them away.
Down Throw Hero's Shade takes the opponent on the floor and drops on top of them.
Up Throw Hero's Shade tosses the opponent above his head and performs a leaping slash with his sword.
Special Fire Arrow- Hero's Shade shoots a flaming arrow.  It can be charged up for more power and distance.
Side Special Boomerang- Hero's Shade throws a boomerang.  It does not turn into a tornado like Link's Gale Boomerang, but does damage on the throw and return.
Down Special Bomb Pluck- Hero's Shade pulls out a bomb.  He  can throws it in any direction and walk with it like any normal item.  It explodes upon impact or in a certain amount of time.  It can be picked up by other players.
Up Special Sword Spin- Hero's Shade spins his sword lifting him into the air.  If used on the ground, it can be charged up, but he won't move up.
Final Smash Triforce Slash- Hero's Shade traps and opponent in the Triforce.  He does a combo with his sword.

Other InformationEdit

Idle Link's idle from Melee.
Up Taunt Hero's Shade plays a few notes on the Ocarina Of Time.
Side Taunt Hero's Shade pulls out Navi who says "Hey! Listen!"
Down Taunt Hero's Shade pulls out a Deku Shield and examines it.
Victory Pose Hero's shade thrusts his sword into the air.
Victory Theme Short version of the Great Deku Tree's theme

Pallete SwapsEdit

  1.  Hero's Shade (GREEN TEAM)
  2. Red moss (RED TEAM)
  3. Blue moss (BLUE TEAM)
  4. Black moss (BLACK TEAM)
  5. Orange moss
  6. Purple moss
  7. Yellow moss
  8. Brown moss
  9. Silver armor (UNLOCKABLE)
  10. Shadow armor (AMIIBO)

Support ConversationEdit

  • Male Corrin
  • Female Corrin

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