Bowser Jr.

Character InfoEdit

Universe Super Mario Bros.
Availability Starter
Number Of Jumps 2
Wall Jump No
Wall Cling No
Crawl No
Tether No
Home Stage
Kirby Hat Bowser Jr's mask 

Moves And AbilitiesEdit

Move Description Damage %
Ability None
Neutral The Clown Car grows boxing gloves and punches forward twice before rapid punching.
Side Tilt Bowser Jr. jabs a giant fork forward.
Down Tilt The Clown Car smacks forward with it's tounge.
Up Tilt Bowser Jr. swings a toy hammer above his head.
Dash The Clown Car spins a spinning blade on the front while still moving forward slightly.
Aerial The Clown Car spins with the boxing gloves streched as far out as they go.
Forward Aerial The Clown Car slams down it's tounge for a hard to hit but effective meteor smash.
Back Aerial Bowser Jr. swings a toy hammer behind him.
Up Aerial Bowser Jr. jumps up slightly with his shell facing up.
Down Aerial A drill appears out of the bottom of the Clown Car and drills downward.  Bowser Jr. will sink slightly.
Side Smash The Clown Car drills forward with two drills.
Down Smash Bowser Jr. drops two heavy cannonballs on each side.
Up Smash Bowser Jr. slightly throws a hammer in the air above him.
Ledge Attack Bowser Jr. climbs up and spins the bottom propeller forward.

The Clown Car snatches players with it's tounge and the player is held on top of the car by Bowser Jr.

Pummel Bowser Jr. claws his opponent.
Forward Throw The opponent is loaded into the cannon and shot forward.
Back Throw Bowser Jr. swings his opponent back with a toy hammer.
Down Throw Bowser Jr. tosses his foe forward with a Mecha Koopa latched onto them.  They are blasted down.
Up Throw Bowser Jr. loads his opponent into the cannon and shoots them up into the air.
Special Bullet Bill- The Clown Car shoots a slow moving Bullet Bill forward.  If the move is held, a homing Bill will be shot instead.  Bullet Bill explodes upon impact or if hit by a move.  He cannot be picked up.
Side Special Koopa Clown Car- Bowser Jr.'s car pulls out wheels and dashes forward.  He spins around when trying to get out of this move.
Down Special Mecha Koopa- Bowser Jr. quickly shoots a Mecha Koopa onto the stage.  They walk around and can latch onto opponents and explode.  They explode after a short period of time if they don't grab anyone.  They can be picked up and tossed by any player.
Up Special Koopa Clown Copter- Bowser Jr.'s clown car switches to flight mode.  He launches high up into the air while swinging a hammer around him. 
Final Smash

Other InformationEdit

Idle Bowser Jr.'s Smash 4 idle
Up Taunt Bowser Jr. swings a Hammer Bro's hammer
Side Taunt Bowser Jr. spits a tiny fireball
Down Taunt Bowser Jr. shines a Bullet Bill.
Victory Pose Bowser Jr. jumps out of his Clown Car and puts his fist in the air.
Victory Theme A short version of the Airship Theme.

Pallete SwapsEdit

  1. Bowser Jr. (GREEN TEAM)
  2. Larry (BLUE TEAM)
  3. Wendy (RED TEAM)
  4. Roy
  5. Morton (BLACK TEAM)
  6. Lemmy
  7. Ludwig
  8. Iggy
  9. Koopa Troopa (UNLOCKABLE)
  10. Dry Bones (AMIIBO)

Support ConversationEdit

  • Male Corrin
  • Female Corrin

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